We suggest wearing clothing, in which you will be most comfortable, whether you are dressed up or you are dressed casually for your portrait session. Feeling comfortable and confident is key! It is recommended that you stay away from busy prints. If you need help in selecting what you wear we can help you style your session. We do recommend that if you are investing the money in professional photography that you also invest in having make-up professionally applied, and having hair professionally styled. It makes your that much better!


  All images in which you view at your sales appointment are edited. The Crop, exposure, and white balance has been adjusted in images in which you view at your sales appointment, further retouching is done for images that have been selected for printing. Photoshop is a wonderful tool, but it is not the fix-all for every photo issue and that is why we urge you to put a lot of time in preparing for your portrait session ( it is suggested that men get a haircut, and women invest in a manicure, and professional hair styling and make-up application). 


All Sessions include the Casey's time and talent, a sales appointment, an online viewing gallery, and a print or studio credit (depending on the session type you select).